Hi Brian…WOW, really is all we can say. The music playing over it is amazing, including the messages to each other…we both love it thank you so much! Paul & Charlotte

Now having seen the results from having them both film our wedding, it takes it to another level…Personalism. Brian and Tracy captured the magic, the emotion, the power and a personal perspective of our day. With it all rushing by so fast, you are left with very little time to absorb everything that is happening around you. Brian and Tracey did this all for us. Reflecting back while watching what they had captured, we re-lived the moments again giving us both laughs and tears of happiness all due to the quality and creativity of their work. Brian and Tracey haven’t give us a DVD, film or footage of our wedding, they have given us amazing and emotional memories that we, and our families will be able to watch and re-live time and time again and treasure forever. Thank you to you both for everything you did for us.