Just some Frequently asked questions with our answers.

  • I am concerned that your cameras will get in the way?

    Please be assured that our aim is to capture your day discreetly and without any effect to you or your guests.  Our reputation thrives on previous testimonials stating that we are a friendly professional couple whom are hardly noticed throughout the day.  We are courteous and polite to all your guests with a smile on our face because we love what we do.  We will apply Covid 19 guidelines in all instances.

  • How many people come with Red Carpet Video

    We no longer take bookings for a 2 person wedding shoot.  Our previous Package 2 has closed.  Taking into account covid 19 guidelines we have restricted where necessary to ensure close proximity to members of family, guest and suppliers are minimised.  Our experienced award winning cameraman brings with him 5 cameras to ensure where possible and safely he can capture unique moments.

  • What equipment do you use, is it the latest technology.

    Capturing in the most convenient and utilising the high frame rates for stable smooth flowing footage and highest quality is our top priority.  We use the latest digital Mirrorless and Video cameras.  Such as (from Oct 2020 -Sony A7s iii), Sony A7iii, Sony A6500, Sony Ax100.  We also supported by DJI RONIN-S and the Came-TV Optimus that keeps our cameras smooth and horizontal even while walking to create that cinematic effect.  With a monopod and the latest lavalier microphones sound is captured professionally.

  • Are you qualified to use drones as we would like some aerial footage.

    We no longer use our Drone for weddings.

  • Do you have Public Liability insurance and can we use our music so a music licence would be required.

    We are fully insured for public liability and we ensure that all your chosen music is included within your Highlights Wedding film on our Vimeo Pro website with the appropriate PPL licence that we purchase. Included in all packages.  In addition in relation to your Coming soon teaser only we purchase the music license to share online and on social media, so you have nothing to worry about.  All included. This music is from an online source that Red Carpet Video consider appropriate to fit your short highlights film suitable for social media, see examples on our home page.

  • So what do we actually get to justify this expense.

    I thought you would never ask.  You get over the next 8 – 12 weeks:

    1. Pre wedding meet up to confirm your requirements and meet us.

    2. Bride and Groom Prep – Optional Extra ask for a quote

    3. Guests arrival and church ceremony from beginning to end to register and walking down the aisle.

    4. The Family and Guest photoshoot captured – as it happens.

    5. The Bride and Groom Photoshoot – We can get some lovely cinematic shots here working closely with your photographer.

    6. The Wedding Breakfast arrival and the Speeches – in full.

    7. Cutting the Cake and First Dance in full nicely edited.

    8. Father of the bride or one more dances to capture the atmosphere and celebration of the evening.

    9. Guest comments (if requested) Optional extra

    10. 5 Minutes Wedding Highlights  8 -12 weeks. (depending on peak season 12-16 weeks)

    11. The above chapters make up your approx 30-45 min Highlights film.

    12. Including fully downloadable full High Definition file from our secure VimeoPro website.  Transfer to your desktop or hard drive as we create each chapter and relive your wedding day again and again.  Your edited wedding digital file on a USB Memory Stick to upload to your Computer and of course if you would like your Wedding Film on DVD or Blu ray,  then of course we can arrange this.

  • What if it rains and can you still film.

    Rain is something very expensive high quality cameras do not like.  However with our zoom lens we can film you outside in the rain getting soaked.  Unfortunately the Drone cannot be used in wet weather and without permission of the venue owner. We cant film in the church unless the person giving the ceremony agrees to our presence.  But do not worry it is our job to meet these key persons to ensure your day runs smoothly despite the weather.

  • Do you do Wedding Photography as well.

    No – But we can recommend Wedding Photographers whom we have worked with recently.