Covid Wedding of max 30 Persons 15 Sept 20 at The Fennes

Red Carpet Video are proud to have been a part of our 1st Covid wedding on 15th September 2020 at the Fennes
for Charlee-Beth & Josh. It was such a wonderful wedding day at a great venue and working alongside Ella from

EAH Photography. Here is the happy couple in their Wedding highlights of the day and filmed entirely by one award winning videographer to keep the numbers down to 30. Please share and comment as the couple will see and value your feedback.

Here are just some of the comments from family and friends: “This is so beautiful ❤❤ I have just watched this with the biggest smile on my face whilst tears rolled down my cheeks” “We have also booked these for our wedding ” “Can’t wait for you to film our big day x” “It looks like you had a wonderful intimate wedding day with people who love you. I know its not what you had planned but what wonderful memories of what looks like a perfect day  congratulations again xx” “I’ve got an actual tear going on here T !!! I love this!! ” ” This is so beautiful. I watched this with a huge smile on my face whilst tears rolled down my cheeks ❤❤ perfect!” “

What an amazing video .. Looks amazing Charlee and Josh.
So happy for you both. ❤️ Xxx” “Beautiful video. Made me smile and cry. Congratulations to Charlee and Josh ” “This is the most beautiful video xx” “Beautiful. Perfect memory to keep forever ❤️❤️