Asian Wedding Photographers in Essex & London – 20th June 2016

Asian weddings are usually exquisitely beautiful. From the richness of the red dress to the colourful food, everything deserves to be captured by a first class photographer.

For non-intrusive wedding photographers in London, call Red Carpet Video this summer.

We offer both top class videographers and photographers, to capture every part of your big day. Our team have extensive experience working at Asian weddings, including this stunning Sikh wedding. Taking place at The Royal Regency, everything from the preparations to the final ceremony was captured for posterity.

About our wedding photographer.

Along with wedding videographers, we also have our resident wedding photographer Amy. She has worked at many different weddings, including those in rural locations. If you want to see her portfolio, simply take a look here. Every photograph is guaranteed to be beautifully captured in the finest quality and make everyone go ‘wow’.

Whether you’re in Essex or London, Red Carpet Video will ensure your memories are in safe hands.

Along with our wedding photography and videographers, we also offer aerial films.

For information on our pricing, take a look here.

Professional Wedding Videos To ‘Wow’ Everyone – 6th June 2016

Most people pull out all the stops when organising a wedding, from the catering to the decorations, so it makes sense to film everything for posterity. For many people this will be the one and only time they have their friends and family together, celebrating life and love, no matter what else happens next.

If you want a truly stunning professional wedding video, consider our cinematic videography. Red Carpet Video offer a superior video experience, including a professional team which have experience that dates back to the 1980s.

Choose a superior videography experience for your big day. 

Our professional films are memorable, beautiful and atmospheric, capturing the unique personalities of the bride and groom and their family. We shoot films and photograph weddings all over the UK, with past projects being everywhere from London to the Fennes.

From the preparations to the entrance to the church, we guarantee your wedding video will be like no other, and be enjoyed by generations to come. We can also offer aerial footage from only £200.00, which offers a unique perspective on your day.

Red Carpet Video can also offer exceptionally beautiful wedding photography.

Why not view our past showreels?

Contemporary Wedding Photographers in London – 23rd May 2016

Do you want the kind of wedding photographer who makes everything go ‘wow’? Is your ceremony taking place in the city of London?

Now it’s summer we’ve entered the most popular season for this particular celebration. The number of people tying the knot, according to statistics, is highest between June and October. Timing is important for many couples; for instance, 2013 had a drop in weddings that’s been attributed to the number 13 being synonymous with bad luck.

Choosing a photographer is just as important as picking a date, dress or cake. But how do you find the right person if you’re searching in London?

If your ceremony takes place in the capital, and you want an exceptional contemporary photographer or videographer, choose Red Carpet Video for the royal treatment.

We offer both cinematic, aerial film and exquisite photography to capture your big day in 2016. Everything- the light, the composition, the quality- will be first class. Our photographer or camera crew will never interfere with your big day, and allow everything to unfold naturally. Non-intrusive yet scrupulous, they’ll never miss those beautiful moments that make a wedding truly special.

But of course, it’s the images which speak for themselves. To take a look at our gallery, simply click here.

Contemporary Wedding Photography Specialists – 9th May 2016

Do you want superior wedding photos, that wouldn’t look out of place in a glossy magazine? Are you in Essex or London?

For contemporary wedding photography specialists, consider our resident wedding photographer. Highly experienced, Amy will create photographs that are natural, moving and capture everyone’s unique personality.

From the smaller details like the rings, to the big moments like your vows, our contemporary photography specialist will shoot every aspect of your wedding. Amy knows how to get those candid moments that truly reflect the spirit of such a special day, in the sharpest and clearest possible detail.

Our photography is extremely natural, often spontaneous and never looks forced, so really encapsulates the atmosphere of your wedding. Everything- the preparations beforehand, the smiles of joy, the first dance- will be recorded for posterity.

As a wedding photography specialist, Amy knows exactly how to exploit light to everyone’s advantage, which is especially wonderful for those outdoor shots.

One of our most recent weddings was of Stephanie and Paul, of which you can see the gallery here. With our stunning wedding photography, you can make those memories even more special. Why not find out about our special offer?

For more information in Essex or London, call 07962 215 757.

Stunning Wedding Video Productions – 25th April 2016

Your wedding, your life, your memories. All in stunning cinematic detail.

Don’t just dream it- live it, with Red Carpet Video. Our premiere videos are the ultimate in wedding productions, whether you’re holding a traditional or modern-style event.

From the little details, like your make-up, to those big emotions, our film makers want to capture every aspect of your special day. We’ll record the anticipation beforehand- all the preparations and excitement and prepping, along with the actual wedding itself. That includes the entire ceremony, from the walk up the aisle to the taking of the vows.

Whatever you want filmed, we’ll do it in spectacular quality. We’ve filmed everything from traditional English weddings to Indian weddings, with all their fabulous reds and golds. Everything is filmed in cinematic style, including aerial shots of the happy couple and venue.

Our creative director has been a keen videographer since the early 1980s, and all our crew have extensive experience. So, your memories will be in safe hands with us. Why not get a taste of what we offer? We have a number of taster videos from past weddings on our site. You’ll find every video unique as the couple themselves. Red Carpet Video aim to make every wedding production completely memorable and special.

Our film crew work all over the UK, including London and Essex.

Cinematic Asian Wedding Film Makers – 11th April 2016

As a dervish of colour, style and emotion, an Asian wedding is one of the most beautiful of all conjugal ceremonies.

Imagine having a wedding video that looks as professional as a romantic movie. A wedding video that captures both the preparation and emotional roller coaster of your big day. Fantasize no more…

With our cinematic Asian wedding film makers, all the colour, splendour and stunning details will be captured in the sharpest detail imaginable. You can wave goodbye to those inferior videos, filmed on camcorders or smart phones, by amateur film makers.

This includes full aerial videography that reflects the big emotions that go with an Asian wedding.

All our film makers are experienced at capturing those special moments, with everything in cinematic quality. They’ve worked on a number of Asian weddings, one of which you can watch on our site.

We continually invest in the highest quality camera equipment, including the Sony A7s ii and Sony Alpha A6300. Our film makers also use mini cranes and mini glidetrack to capture those movie style shots. We’ve filmed at a number of prestigious events, including a wedding that was held at St Paul’s Cathedral. Give your Asian wedding the red carpet treatment!

For more about our film makers, click here.

Cinematic Asian Wedding Film Companies – 28th March 2016

A wedding is the most special day of your life…so why not make it cinematic?

When filming a wedding, it deserves much more than poor quality footage from a second rate video camera.

You want every moment captured with perfect clarity and sound. This is especially true for Asian weddings which are brimming with colour and energy. From the rich colours of the bride and groom’s outfits, to the scintillating gold jewellery, you want everything captured in stunning detail.

If you’re searching for cinematic Asian wedding film companies, consider Red Carpet Video.

Our cinematic wedding videos are not only unbeatable quality, but are exquisitely filmed and executed. Unlike shaky footage on a camcorder, Red Carpet Video provide a film crew to capture everything so it looks 100% professional. This includes both filming from the ground and with an aerial video camera.

From the preparations beforehand to the actual event, we’ll capture the emotional rollercoaster every family goes through. From the tears to the laughter, our team love filming every part of your special day.

Our family-run company have won many awards, including the Wedding Industry Experts award 2013 and 2014. Along with cinematic films of weddings, we also provide the finest wedding photography.