Alpa and Nersen Wedding highlights film poster

The wedding highlights film of Alpa and Nersen is now ready for viewing. Using our vimeo pro account this is available via a password for the bride and groom to see first before general release. Vimeo pro provides a method to share in all social media formats whether on a mobile, computer or tablet to watch their most celebratory memorable moments. Once feedback is received from the Bride and Groom, Red Carpet Video – Cinematic Wedding and Aerial Films will then only release the film by removing the password so family and friends can watch the video in high definition.
The trailer features unmanned aerial filming and the besteady with our Sony A7. Aerial filming is amongst one of our unique services as we have CAA approval for aerial work. Capturing wonderful aerial footage of the happy couples wedding venue is a option you may wish to include in your wedding film. Our besteady is also one of the latest technological advances to provide movie style moving dolly tracking footage that is just so super smooth. Even though Brian is walking along ahead of the bride and groom the viewer can appreciate that it looks like a Hollywood style crane tracking shot. See the footage when the trailer is released.



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