Filming with the ACR The One Plus

Red Carpet Video – Cinematic Wedding Films continued to provide test advances in 3d Gimbal technology by moving from our original Besteady to the new One Plus from ACR-Sys.  The Sony A7 mirrorless Camera provides a perfect size camera for the One Plus that I held for over an hour filming the award ceremony. I have also used with ease the Canon 70D.  The inverted mode is certainly the most comfortable and reduces the need for a monitor, because I can see the image through the camera titled screen.  With carbon fibre supports and a small video fill light this is a convenient and flexible run and gun asset to every cinematographer kit bag.  Ideal for Wedding and of course Award ceremonies.   Minimising the need for unsightly tripods but creates a smooth steady cinematic shot that captures the reaction and atmosphere of all special events.  The video below shows me carrying out a few tests shots 3 minutes before 200+ guests walk into the venue.

At the Essex Wedding Awards hosted by the excellent Brilliant Marketing Solutions with Chris and the team, we endeavoured to captured the atmosphere of everyone reaction on winning their individual or company suppler award.  Walking between the tables and with a point and shoot approach, beautiful images have been captured and each winner received stable tracking shots as they approached the stage.   See our little sample video below.  1st you see the One Plus by ACR-Sys in action then the actual shot from camera without any post stabilisation. these are direct from camera.

Thank you to Brilliant Marketing Solutions for the opportunity to film at their wonderful events that reward the best wedding suppliers in the business. and Tony Gameiro Photography.  Music licensed by Premiumbeat – Arise by Nicolas Major.  ACR-Sys who sponsored the One Plus.   ACR are leading the 3d Gimbal technology with new items coming onto the market such as The Link and The Beast  further information at,

For further videos of our use of super smooth cinematic footage visit us at our

A special thanks to our Film Crew Tracey and Amy who captured the off camera footage of me filming with the ACR-Sys The One Plus.

If you would like to see the finished products both from the Kent and Essex Wedding Awards see them right here: